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Here We Go Again…

You’ve already heard no doubt that this show was cancelled and pushed out to early January.

New date: Saturday, January 7, 2017.
Same time. Same club. Same Price. Slightly different lineup:

Skull Fist
(Juno Nominated Heavy Metal)

Death Wish
(Ottawa Metal)

(Ottawa Glam)

Opium Winter
(Ottawa Stoner Rawk)


You Came, We Saw

Funny thing happened yesterday. We showed up at a club with our stuff and they let us play a show. Imagine that. Even better, a whole bunch of people showed up and watched us play.

A sincere thank you from us suits to everyone who came out in the bitter cold (what was with that wind?) to check out Opium Winter, Longhouse, and Monobrow. It truly was a great evening.


It Even Has Sound!

It seems people have been ragging on us because there was no “media” on this here site. Apparently, if you’re a band, you need “songs” to listen to and “videos” to watch.  Or something like that.

Complain no more. Here is a video of a song.


Winter Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here! Experience It This Spring!

That’s right. We’re tuning our kazoo’s, stringing up our washtubs, and dusting off the jugs*. We’re ready. And so should you be. Well. We’re not really ready. You should be though. No question about that.


So come on out. It’s only ten bucks. Monobrow is awesome. Longhouse is awesome. It’s our first show. The bar has a bar. And washrooms. And a few seats. What more could you ask for on a Saturday night in late March?

* We had a juice harp but it’s missing. We think it was lifted by the Polka band that shares our rehearsal space. 

The Debut of Opium Winter

Ponderous metallic sludge for the post-human future.

A year and a half in the making, Opium Winter has crafted music that reflects our combined influences which includes, but is not limited to, competitive jazz, Barbershop, modern pan flute, and the hunting songs of the Mbuti.

We are proficient in procrastination, and have the sharpest sarcasm you’ve never seen.